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Marvel has unveiled the actual Thanos Infinity Gauntlet, and you’ll be shocked by the cost.

Marvel is making our fantasies come to life! Like every year, the San Diego Comic-Con is underway, and movie fans are anticipating a lot. A set of actual infinity stones, however, is something that the Marvel studio has conceived of this time that no one else could have. Yes, you did read that correctly.

The same Infinity Stones that Thanos used to disappear half of humanity also caused some of our Avengers to tragically perish during the battle for the stones. The cost of the pricey item will undoubtedly surprise you. The new Infinity gauntlet has been inlaid with priceless ‘Infinity and genuine stones.’

The Time, Space, Reality, Mind, Power, and Soul stones inlaid in the gauntlet total over 150 carats in weight and will set you back $25 million. The studio and East Continental Gems worked together to produce the unique collection.

According to EW, the collection, which is displayed in the Marvel booth at San Diego Comic-Con, is among the most costly MCU collectibles ever.

Each stone is consistent with the colour and calibre of those depicted in the movie: The Time Stone is a Colombian emerald, the Space Stone is a sapphire from Madagascar, the red in colour Reality Stone is ruby from Mozambique, the Power Stone is a natural amethyst, the Soul Stone is orange-red spessartite and the Mind Stone is a yellow colour diamond.

‘Fans and collectors are a very important customer for Marvel since they actually live the Marvel lifestyle every day and are continually seeking to interact with the brand in new and creative ways,’ Paul Gitter, senior vice president at Marvel Consumer Products, said in a statement made available through EW.

‘We believe that this genuine gemstone line broadens the appeal of the Marvel brand while being hip and unusual.’


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