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Miracle blood cancer treatment is a fraud, say experts.

A drug named Imitinef Mercilet has drawn a lot of attention from the public after a letter proclaiming it to be a miraculous treatment for blood cancer recently went viral.

The message stated that a hospital in Pune offers a medication called Imitinef Mercilet for free that treats blood cancer. The message was deemed to be false by the Times Verified expert team of TOI. In fact, it was found that messages on similar lines were being circulated in different cities, with a hospital from the respective city being listed as the provider of the medicine.

Haematologist Samir Melinkeri verified that it was a spam message when he was informed that it appeared every few years. Further scrutiny revealed that the message first emerged in 2010 and has been going viral every few years since then.

Dr. Vishal Rao, consultant for head and neck surgery at HCG Cancer Care in Karnataka, stated in a 2015 TOI report that no single drug was available elsewhere in the globe that could be prescribed for all cancer types.

‘We don’t know who is circulating such rumours,’ Dr. Rao had previously stated during a news conference on Imitinef Mercilet. He added, ‘People are approaching us to ask questions about it. In the allopathic medical system, we only recommend evidence-based treatments that effectively treat illnesses.’


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