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Know how to overcome stress and depression

A sign of mental well-being is the ability to bounce back quickly and efficiently from any emotional upheaval or stressful circumstance, being content with your decisions, size and appearance. It also entails having the capacity to pay attention to both what people are saying and how they are feeling. Having a purpose that encompasses both your well-being and the well-being of others will help you attain mental wellness.

What is depression?

Not to be taken lightly, depression is a serious mental health problem. The first sign of depression is when these unfavourable emotions develop into recurrent moods that last for days or weeks. Depression may be the cause, which occurs when your emotional state affects the capacity of the brain to repair quickly by changing the chemistry and neurophysiology of your neurons. The second indicator might be persistent tedium, apathy, a lack of drive and inaction. A third indication might be an inexplicable crazed enthusiasm that alternates with excruciatingly depressing sensations. A terrible sense of meaninglessness may be the fourth indicator. Everything suddenly loses its appeal, whether you are successful or unsuccessful, in a relationship or alone. The world, which was once vibrant, seems to have become grey. Do not ignore these warning signs. Depression is a severe condition that may have a detrimental influence on every aspect of life.

Why depression?

Depression may result from a tendency of engaging in stressful circumstances. It is also possible that a propensity for depression is there from the time of birth. If a kid does not receive a warm embrace, stress chemicals continue to flood their system for a very long time. When you are young, this might also begin as bitterness, sorrow, loneliness or a yearning for love. A traumatic occurrence could be the catalyst.

The problem is that neither school nor society nor religion nor family teaches us how to get out of unpleasant emotional states. Mental well-being has no monetary worth. The only things that matter to society, which only considers the outside, are your accomplishments. When you are constantly under such high amounts of stress, your neurones get addicted to the stress chemicals. These stress-related chemicals are what they want. Mentally formed habits ultimately make their way to your physical brain.

It is time to develop an inner state of vision if you find that you regularly experience mental instability. This requires making an attempt to get rid of these negative emotions and find inner peace. You may get mental calmness in just three minutes. Practise The Serene Mind whenever you are distracted and disturbed.

Do not move, and keep your spine straight. Close your eyes gradually.

Concentrate on breathing. The exhale should be longer than the inhale.

Recognize the precise emotion that is just now emerging within you. Is it joy, thankfulness, or love, or is it annoyance, anxiety, or confusion?

Look at the direction in which your thoughts are moving. Is it focused on the now or is it enmeshed in the past, the future, or both?

Now Pay close attention to the area between your brows. Think of a little flame that extends from the centre of each of your brows to the back of your brain. For a time, keep your attention fixed on the flame at the centre of your mind.

You can choose to open your eyes when you are ready.


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