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Stomach cancer red flags you shouldn’t ignore; Read on

Gastric cancer, also known as stomach cancer, is caused by the unchecked proliferation of abnormal cells on the stomach’s inner lining. Before cancer forms, there are precancerous alterations in the stomach. While stomach cancer does not have any immediately noticeable signs, it might cause a very unusual skin condition called Papuloerythroderma of Ofuji (PEO). The skin condition causes swelling, desquamation (skin peeling), and tiny, raised lumps on the skin infiltrations throughout the whole body, especially the face. Here are four other symptoms that might indicate stomach cancer.

Abdominal Pain

While it is common to have some stomach discomfort as a result of poor eating habits, abdominal pain may also be an early indicator of stomach cancer. If the discomfort lasts longer than it typically does, you should seek emergency medical advice.

Constant Bloating

Early-stage stomach cancer that has progressed to the inlining of the stomach may cause fluid to build up in the abdominal cavity and cause rigidity in the stomach wall. This can affect the stomach’s capacity to store food and cause persistent bloating. This bodily change may also impair your ability to regulate your hunger.

Blood Stool

Bloody stools are another important sign of stomach cancer. While it can also occur in other non-cancerous stomach conditions, it is best to see a doctor if you notice blood in your stool.

Declining Red Blood Cell Count

One of the signs of stomach cancer is anaemia or a decrease in red blood cell count. The bleeding caused by the cancerous tumour might lead you to lose red blood cells faster than your body can produce. Hence, your body receives less oxygen causing a constant feeling of weakness or exhaustion.


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