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Add these spices to your coffee for a higher level experience.

How do you put spices in coffee?

This year’s monsoon is back in full force, and we’re here to help you prepare for the weather. Even though we’ve always relied on black coffee to get through the Monday blahs and ace big presentations, since 2022 is the year of normalcy return, why not mix things up a bit?

The rainy season has traditionally seen us adjust how we conduct business and what we eat, in addition to updating our wardrobe and carrying umbrellas. The enticing and unique coffee combinations that will tickle your taste buds and have you going back for more can be found here along with some great ways to spice up your coffee.


One of the best ways to spice up your daily cup of coffee is with cinnamon. This condiment is regarded as a significant immune and energy booster in addition to having the greatest antioxidant content among spices.

You may either add cinnamon in its natural stick form to your steaming cup of coffee to extract its incredible flavour, or you can add a dash of cinnamon powder to tantalise your taste buds and make your mornings more flavorful.

Vanilla Extract

The simplest way to get the best of both worlds is to do it this way. If you enjoy the creamy flavour that coffee creams and sugar add to your coffee but don’t like those extra calories, then vanilla extract is just the right kind of seasoning for you! But always keep in mind that just a drop of this extract really does go a long way. Add two or three drops to your jar, or even one tiny drop to your cup, according to your preferences.

One of the most well-liked methods entails chopping a vanilla bean and adding it to your coffee grinds before you start the brewing process. Remember that if you use a long bean, the vanilla taste will be greater. Depending on your preferences, add two or three drops to your jar or even just a tiny drop to your cup.


In the Middle East, this spice is widely used with coffee, although being less well-known in the west. When correctly cooked, this spice offers a distinctive coffee flavour because of its exotic flavour and wonderful aroma.

Before grinding your coffee beans, you can add a few cardamom seeds. Alternatively, you can add a pinch of cardamom powder to your just-brewed cup of coffee.


If you want to give your morning brew a unique flavour, think about adding nutmeg. The sweet flavour and somewhat earthy overtones will delight your taste senses. In addition, its somewhat tart flavour offers your coffee a genuinely unique and delightful sweet aroma.

Since it is challenging to weigh this substance precisely, taste and smell should be utilised as measurement criteria. A dash usually suffices for a standard cup of coffee, but the best way to perfect your cup of joy is to experiment to discover the balance that suits your taste.

Oil of Peppermint

Make those monotonous rainy evenings a little more interesting with some peppermint-flavored coffee. From ice-creams to round mini tablets and gums, peppermint is a beloved flavor that is enjoyed by children and adults likewise!

The same delicious flavour might be achieved by adding a few drops of peppermint oil extract to your coffee, which would also perk you up after a long day at work.

What could be more satisfying than a warm, cosy cup of spiced coffee when the days grow shorter and cooler?


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