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Follow these tips to improve a  problematic relationship with your partner

In a healthy relationship, everything goes right and good. But toxic relationships and problematic relationships are other story. In a toxic relationship, one might consistently feel drained or unhappy after spending time with his or her partner.

As per experts, in a relationship, it is common to have arguments among partners. But, when these arguments go unaddressed, it can ruin the relationship further. This can cause a major gap in the connection between partners.

But relationship experts claim that by following some simple steps one can revive the love and trust in the relationship. ‘A problematic relationship can be saved when both parties invest in building the relationship. Like with anything, a relationship needs to be watered. A lack of watering can destroy this beautiful flower from blossoming. Water it regularly and it’ll be a healthy stable and loving one’, says Karina Calver, a relationship expert and Founder of Hukam Healing.

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Here are  3 tips to improve relationship:

Mean what you say: Never fake to please or in fear of hurting your partner. Be honest and express what you want to say in a nice manner. According to experts, not being honest to be nice to your partner can affect the relationship. Choose honesty and say it in a way that can be least hurtful. Your words need to hold truth.

 Make each other a priority:  You must always give priority to your partner. As being has become a norm nowadays. So, plan something ahead of time for both of you.

 Appreciate each other:  When a relationship gets comfortable, we forget to compliment our partners. So never forget to give good words for your partner. Unspoken compliments aren’t compliments.



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