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These are main problems that men face in bed

Men did not like to discuss sexual problems and sex issues in the public. There are several sex problems that men face. Some of these problems can be solved very easily but men do not talk about them for fear of shame or pride.

According to renowned health expert, Dr. Chester Lan the three main problems that men faces in the bed are the following.

Erectile dysfunction: This is the first common problem that men faces. Erectile dysfunction is a common issue that most of the men face. As per studies, up to 20% of sexually active men experience erectile dysfunction. Studies also suggest that this condition may increase with age.

If you experience frequent erectile dysfunction, you should definitely seek medical help. Common causes of erectile dysfunction in men include diabetes, hypertension, and smoking.

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Premature ejaculation: This is the  second biggest problem that men faces in bed. A study showed that  one in three men in the world face this problem. The common causes of this are stress, anxiety,  negative thoughts about the body, sexual promiscuity and trouble in relationships. Several studies claim that  psychological issues and  hormonal changes also cause premature ejaculation

Lack of Sex drive: The third most common sex issue faced by men is lack of sex drive or low sex drive. This is a  condition where confidence in sex is low due to anxiety, depression or health reasons. This can be solved by medical help. Therapies can improve testosterone level in men.

The only way to change these issues  is to discuss these things in detail with your doctor.



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