Men who kiss who kiss their ladies in the morning live five years longer

A new study revealed that men who kiss their ladies in the morning live five years longer than others. A research study carried out by  a group of German physicians and psychologists revealed this.

The researchers found that those who kiss their wife every morning, usually do not miss their work because of ailment. On the way to work, the risks of accidents are also fewer and they gain 20 to 30% more monthly and live about five years more than those who don’t even give each other a small kiss.

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Other health benefits of Kiss:

Kissing burns calories; A long, delightful kiss can burn 100 calories per hour. A study shows that kissing 3 times a day can decrease your weight by 1.35 kilograms!

Kissing is heart-friendly; Australian researchers state that a long and passionate kiss aids to control the heartbeat and also decreases blood pressure.

Kissing brings the youth back; While kissing, the levels of physiological movements grow in our face, which relaxes the lines, wrinkles, and adds blood circulation in the face, making a young-looking glow!

Kissing mitigates allergies; According to research, kissing reduces down the increase of IgE antibodies in the blood. These antibodies discharge histamine, which is liable for allergy indications like watery eyes and sneezing.

Kissing is beneficial for the lungs; After the action of kissing, the lungs act 3 times harder than normal. That is, 60 breathes per minute. Such disclosure to air is a useful natural act for curing lung diseases.


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