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Study: monkeypox virus can survive on everyday home goods

According to a recent study on monkeypox conducted by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the virus can persist on numerous ordinary household items for several days despite routine disinfection. It’s not yet known, though, whether that could spread the infection.

Two monkeypox patients’ shared residence served as the study’s sample. They claimed to clean and sanitise surfaces, wash their hands frequently, and take daily showers.

The virus was discovered on 70% of high-contact regions 20 days after symptoms first appeared, according to the CDC. On couches, blankets, a coffee maker, a computer mouse, and a light switch, the virus was discovered.

However, no live virus was found on any of the objects or surfaces, indicating there is a low probability that infections may spread. Cleaning and disinfection procedures, according to the CDC, may have reduced the level of contamination in the house.

According to the study, both patients had cases of monkeypox that were noted in May. The lesions on one of the individuals’ genitalia, hands, chest, lips, and scalp contrasted with the lesions on the other’s foot, leg, and finger. According to the article, they both had illnesses for roughly a month.


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