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Brain mapping technology is introduced for the first time in India at a Delhi hospital.

The first brain mapping tool connectomics/Quicktome in the nation was introduced today by IBS Hospital in a first-of-its-kind technological advancement that combined decades of research with cutting-edge technology.

With the development of such individualised brain mapping, brain surgery and other types of cancer therapy have become considerably safer, and because of the accuracy, harm to crucial brain regions can be avoided.

This is an example of a medical science advance in preoperative imaging that makes use of cutting-edge algorithms and cloud computing. Precision neurosurgery may become a viable procedure thanks to this new technology.

‘While some of the brain networks alone explain their namesake function entirely, most complex functions are the result of inter-network interactions. Deeper analysis delineates specific sub-networks responsible for specific tasks, comprising subcomponents of often multiple main networks,’ said Dr Sachin Kandhari, Neurosurgeon and Managing Director at the IBS Hospital.

According to him, brain networks control everything from language to movement to thought, and the maps guide surgical judgement in order to safeguard and maintain brain function. ‘This path-breaking technology is paving the way to not only potentially treat a plethora of ailments pertaining to brain functioning, pre and post operatively, but also to retrieve to its normal functioning,’ said Kandhari.


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