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According to a study, Swiss glaciers have decreased by 50% since 1931 and are melting more quickly.

According to a study, Swiss glaciers have lost half of their capacity since 1931, and the ice melt is accelerating, according to researchers in Switzerland.

The research was the first attempt to rebuild the country’s ice loss during the 20th century. Researchers from the Swiss Federal Institute for Forest, Snow and Landscape Research WSL and the ETH Zurich Technical University claim to have now recreated the topography of all Swiss glaciers in 1931, which will demonstrate how they have changed over time.

Rapid glacier melt caused by climate change has been observed in various locations since the 2000s. However, there is currently no conclusive technique to demonstrate how the glaciers altered during the 20th century.

The study, which was written up in the academic journal The Cryosphere, examined over 21,700 images taken between 1916 and 1947 from the TerrA picture library, which covers about 86 percent of Switzerland’s glacier-covered terrain.

The reconstruction was carried out by glaciologists using stereophotogrammetry, a method that uses image pairs to ascertain the nature, shape, and location of any item.

The Swiss glacier monitoring network, GLAMOS, reports that whereas Swiss glaciers lost half of their volume in the 85 years before to 2016, they lost another 12 percent in in the subsequent six years.


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