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NASA’s Artemis lunar mission is approved for launch on August 29.

NASA has given the go-ahead for the Artemis project, which aims to send people back to the moon almost 50 years after their last trip, to undertake its first official launch on August 29. The Space Launch System rocket, the Orion spacecraft, and the launch pad at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida were all evaluated as part of a Flight Readiness Review carried out by the US space agency on Monday.

In accordance with the official NASA statement, the launch is scheduled for August 29 within a two-hour window, with backup launch dates of September 2 and September 5. While NASA conducted a thorough examination of the infrastructure. There are still worries about potential harsh weather.

The manager of NASA’s Artemis project, Mike Sarafin, told Reuters that the crew is now satisfied with the launch preparations and that only one open team needs to undergo testing on the launch day.

According to Space.com, Charlie Blackwell-Thompson, the Artemis I launch director at Kennedy Space Center, ‘the test will happen during a quiescent moment before of the final countdown.’

The Artemis mission seeks to accomplish what NASA first accomplished 50 years ago when it sent people to the moon. The Orion spacecraft, meanwhile, will be carrying ‘4.4 kg of keepsakes, including toys, Apollo 11 objects, and three mannequins,’ during the launch, which will go unmanned.

NASA scientists will be able to better understand how the journey will impact real astronauts thanks to the simulation, which will involve a mannequin with the name of Commander Moonikin Campos sitting in the cockpit. By 2025, Artemis will have accomplished its main objective: a manned mission.


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