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Study: Due to greenhouse gas emissions, up to 90% of marine species could become extinct.

While it is true that climate change and global warming are bad for the world, a scientific study has shed light on how dangerous they may be for human life.

According to research from Bedford Institute of Oceanography in Nova Scotia, if greenhouse gas emissions continue in the same manner, nearly all marine species will be in risk of extinction by the end of the twenty-first century.

The researchers examined the threats that roughly 25,000 marine species face for this study. By the end of this century, they discovered, approximately 90% of these species will be in danger of going extinct. The research team looked at a variety of organisms, including chromists, microbes, mammals, and plants.

Daniel Boyce, an ecologist at the Bedford Institute of Oceanography, and author of the study said that the findings are ‘quite startling and very sobering’. He was quoted by ABC News.

‘I’d like to think that that’s an implausible scenario,’ Boyce said. ‘But nonetheless, it is the worst-case scenario. And when we evaluated that scenario, we found that there was a very grim picture for the climate risk for marine species.’

The world ecosystem may suffer greatly if such a substantial portion of marine species goes extinct.

The interconnectedness of food chains and food webs across the Earth’s ecosystem is well known. A tectonic upheaval like the one the study predicts might be problematic for all life on the planet.


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