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Some doppelgängers may share DNA but not just the same face: Study

It might surprise you to learn that doppelgängers may share similar genetic traits in addition to having similar appearances.

On Tuesday, August 23, new research that bears uncanny similarities was revealed. Beyond those that affect how the face and body seem, it claims that they may share a wide range of genetic variations.

According to the findings, the lookalikes might even share qualities of personality and other broad facets of life.

The journal Cell Reports has a research titled ‘Look-alike persons detected by facial recognition systems exhibit genetic commonalities.’ It states that doppelgängers frequently have genetic variations in common that are linked to both physical and behavioural or lifestyle factors.

For their multi-omics landscape, a team of researchers characterised in great detail a group of ‘look-alike’ persons that are determined using facial recognition algorithms.

They can also state that these people have comparable genotypes but have different DNA methylation and microbiome landscapes following study.

Researchers from the Josep Carreras Leukemia Research Institute in Barcelona, Spain, Manel Esteller and his team looked into what additional traits these individuals might have in common.

The scientists used photographs of 32 pairs of doubles from Canadian artist François Brunelle, who has supposedly been recording doppelgangers for years, to carry out the investigation.


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