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Indian researchers develop a cost-friendly technique to produce natural sugar substitute

Xylitol, a healthy sugar replacement, is now made from bagasse, the waste product left over after sugarcane is crushed. The IIT-Guwahati has created xylitol as a time-saving method that cuts the conventional fermentation procedure to 15 hours while increasing the product’s output by around 20%.

Since everyone is aware of the drawbacks of white sugar, natural alternatives like stevia have gained popularity among those trying to manage their diabetes and weight. Xylitol checks all the right boxes for preventing weight gain and promoting good health thanks to its anti-obesogenic and anti-diabetic qualities. A moderate prebiotic, xylitol protects teeth against dental caries.

Scientists claim that xylitol does not add calories and decreases tooth decay. Additionally, it maintains blood pressure under control and is absolutely safe for the heart.

The use of ultrasound during the fermentation process, according to Professor VS Moholkar, Department of Chemical Engineering, IIT-Guwahati, significantly shortens the fermentation period and boosts product output by approximately 20%. The expert believes that xylitol can also assist in resolving the present issue with sugar substitutes.

According to researchers, the industrial production of Xylitol has grown exceedingly expensive due to the constituents’ need for highly processed chemicals as well as several separations and purification processes.

The fermentation approach, however, helps overcome the current technology’s financial limitations while upcycling a waste product. The inventive utilisation of ultrasonic waves to quicken the synthesis is cost-effective.


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