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Unmarried relationships or LGBT relationships, according to the Indian SC, are also family relationships.

The Indian Supreme Court made important observations on Monday that broaden the concept of conventional family groupings in order to keep up with the times and fight for inclusivity.

According to the court, ‘Family relationships may take the form of domestic, unmarried partnerships, or LGBT relationships.’

The definition of ‘family’ in most nations typically refers to a unit that includes a mother, a father, and their offspring. The court adopted this assumption and added:

This assumption disregards the wide variety of situations that could cause a person’s familial structure to shift, as well as the fact that many families do not initially correspond to this expectation.

Atypical family units are likewise entitled to equal protection of the law, the bench made up of Justices DY Chandrachud and AS Bopanna argued in a subsequent statement.

‘Any number of circumstances, such as the demise of a spouse, a separation, or a divorce, might result in a household having just one parent. Similar to this, remarriage, adoption, or foster care may result in a change in the guardians and carers of children (who traditionally play the roles of ‘mother’ and ‘father’).’


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