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In a Portuguese garden, palaeontologists find the remains of the largest dinosaur yet found in Europe.

In a back garden in Portugal, remains of what might be the biggest dinosaur ever uncovered in Europe were discovered.

In 2017, an excavation effort in the area started after the owner of a home in the city of Pombal discovered fragments of fossilised bone in the yard and contacted researchers from the University of Lisbon.

Early this month, the site saw the discovery of the vertebrae and ribs of a sauropod that Spanish and Portuguese palaeontologists believe to be a brachiosaurid.

The sauropod, which was also the largest of all dinosaurs, was the biggest living land animal.

The University of Lisbon’s Elisabete Malafaia was quoted in The Guardian as saying, ‘It is not common to see all the ribs of an animal like this, let alone in this configuration, keeping their original anatomical position.’

The dinosaur was 25 metres long and 12 metres tall, according to the size of the bones that were found in the yard.

The skeleton’s normal posture gives researchers hope that further excavation will uncover more fragments of the same animal.



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