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Know the common mistakes that men make during sex

A healthy sex life is the basis of a beautiful relationship.But in sex both men and women do several mistakes that eventually kill the relationship.  Many make the mistake of taking the shorter and easier route to climax and this may frustrate their partners.

Sexual dissatisfaction among women is a common issue due to several reasons Here are some of those mistakes made by men that can easily be rectified.

One of the main mistake is that most men  presume that sex  is all physical. One must understand that  the lack of emotional intimacy turns off women.

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Sex is about two people and they should be equally involved in the act. Partners can have different needs. There are different expectations, frequency levels and even the level of sexual desire can differ. Open discussion  is necessary to understand this.

No one likes a routine when it comes to sex. It is important to try different positions, methods.

Men, on an average, ejaculate after 5-6 minutes of starting sex. Women take longer and they can last 15 minutes easily. Most women like to have iot slowly. Even if men ejaculate, women may want more. There is a rhythm that you have to work on.

Lack of foreplay is another mistake committed by men during sex. A woman has several points or erogenous zones that need to aroused.


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