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Chinese astronauts from Shenzhou 14 successfully perform a six-hour spacewalk.

The six-hour spacewalk was successfully completed by two astronauts on board China’s Tiangong space station on Friday, according to the national human spaceflight agency.

The first spacewalk of the six-month Shenzhou-14 mission was deemed a ‘full success’ by the China Manned Space Agency (CMSA) when astronauts Chen Dong and Liu Yang returned safely to the Wentian lab module of the space station early on Friday.

A small robotic arm was used by the pair to complete the duties, according to the CMSA.

China has given its space programme a lot of attention. It has previously dispatched probes to the Moon and Mars and landed a rover there.

Images published by the state-run media showed the couple opening the module’s hatch and operating equipment with a robotic arm against the backdrop of the earth’s rotation.

Along with other chores, the pair finished installing the module’s external components and tested its functionality. Cai Xuzhe, the other astronaut, coordinated from within the cabin, according to the government-run news agency Xinhua.


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