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In August, Amazon fires reached a five-year high, while illicit deforestation increased.

Due to an increase in illegal deforestation, August 2018 saw more fires in the Brazilian Amazon jungle than any other month in almost five years.

According to Brazil’s national space institution, 33,116 flames were discovered by satellite sensors. The months of August and September during the dry season are typically the worst for both deforestation and fire.

Additionally, it was the year’s worst August for fires. That also applies to August 2019, when pictures of the burning forests horrified the world and garnered ire from European leaders.

Bolsonaro had recently taken office and was turning environmental enforcement on its head, saying criminals should not be fined and promising development of the Amazon.

The president of the extreme right has consistently played down the blazing fires since then. He claimed that the criticism is an attempt to weaken the country’s farming sector on August 22, the worst single day for fire breakouts in 15 years.B

Bolsonaro, who is running for reelection, stated that ‘Brazil does not deserve to be assaulted in this way.’


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