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The Key to Living a Refined Life; Why Wine is Growing in Popularity Around the World?

Fermented grape juice has developed its own unique culture and has grown to become one of the most popular drinks across the globe. Wine making has been considered a science and even art form for countless generations. The wine we drink symbolizes our personality, lifestyle, and even social status. Wine has been a huge part of human life since very early civilizations. In Roman times, wine had important religious, medicinal, and social roles that set it apart from other drinks. Greek civilizations also recognized the huge importance of wine, using it as a symbol of wealth and prestige during decadent banquets.

The Roman invasion of France brought expert knowledge of wine production to the region, which quickly enslaved the country. Wine began to influence the lives of aristocracy and the elite, sparking a worldwide passion. Winemaking is said to be a science that is deeply rooted in human history, geography, and agriculture. The perfect microbes to make delicious wine, optimum fermentation times, and the best materials for fermentation tanks have been passed down from generation to generation.

It’s no surprise that winemaking and tasting are now considered advanced sciences taught at the world’s top universities. Sommeliers are highly respected professionals in the food and beverage industry, especially those with extensive experience. High-level executives in some Asian countries, such as China and Thailand, are encouraged to learn wine drinking etiquette in order to socialise with professionals from other wine-loving cultures. This has contributed significantly to wine’s reputation as a sophisticated beverage capable of bridging cultural and linguistic divides.

Health Advantages
Extensive research into the use of wine for medical purposes has been conducted, and evidence shows that regular, moderate wine consumption provides tangible health benefits. The resveratrol found in wine, particularly red wine, is responsible for the majority of its health benefits. Resveratrol is a compound produced by plants to combat bacteria/fungi and protect against ultraviolet radiation. Resveratrol is thought to improve cardiovascular health, protect against cancer, and even help treat acne. So you can not only drink your favourite wine in style, but also brag about how healthy it is!

The Key to a Refined Way of Life
While wine drinking is undoubtedly more popular in Western cultures, it is becoming more popular throughout the world as modern viniculture spreads from Europe to the Americas, South Africa, Australia, and even Asia. Wine consumption has risen in lockstep with production, and the global appetite for fine wine shows no signs of abating. Wine culture is also spreading globally. Many winemaking subcultures have emerged, including luxury wine glass production, which helps to integrate wine even further into people’s lifestyles.

Wine culture has traditionally been restricted to certain groups of people in Thailand, such as expats and those who travel frequently abroad. Because of the country’s taxation of imported alcohol, foreign wine has traditionally been very expensive. However, wine has grown in popularity in Thailand, particularly in Bangkok, in recent years. Hoteliers and restauranteurs have broadened their understanding of fine wines, and their wine lists have reflected this. In Thailand, wine is more affordable and diverse than ever before.

Furthermore, there has been a significant increase in the number of wine-focused bars and eateries in Bangkok, which is attracting young, adventurous people who want to learn more about Thailand’s growing wine culture. This new generation of wine enthusiasts has discovered that they can get world-class wines right on their doorstep. We see a bright future for Thailand’s wine industry as demand grows and supply of fine wines into the country increases.

So, raise your glass to wine, the historic, healthy, and sophisticated beverage you’ve been looking for!




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