This body part influences a woman the most during sex

According to researchers, men and women experience sexual arousal very differently. Studies also found that for both men and women, sexual stimulation and satisfaction have been demonstrated to increase the activity of brain networks related to pain and emotional states.

New studies found that brain is the most influencing body part during sex. Sexual thoughts, feelings, and subsequent arousal, sexual acts, ejaculation, and orgasm are usually caused by the combined action of biochemical molecules in the brain. Biochemical like  prolactin, oxytocin, serotonin, and endorphins, and male hormone testosterone all play a major role in it.

The above biochemical changes occur when the sensations from the genitals reach the brain and these sensations are properly analyzed in the brain. These sensations reach the brain through nerves known as the hypogastric,  pudendal and vagus nerves.

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The sex drive is originated from the hypothalamus which is responsible for the production of testosterone in males. The amygdala is the center for fear on the other hand. Both brain regions strongly effect how we respond to dirty talk and sexual stimulation in general.

Men have larger hypothalamus when compared to females hence they have more sex drive and men tend to initiate arousal through a mere contact and why men are less cautious about who they take on as sexual partners. Partners who seek a submissive role, on the other hand, are led more by their amygdala, one of the brain’s fear centers.

Talking dirty to your partner will arouse them as it hits the right parts of the brain. It feeds our need for intimate conversation and lust for sexual activity. The same will provide you a multi layered sexual experience than physical touch.

Dirty talk works because it’s sex through suggestion, and to our brains, suggestion can be just as powerful as full-on execution.


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