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Know why people cheat their partners in marriages

As per experts, extramarital affairs  occur when one partner’s emotional and physical needs are not met by other in the relation. They claim that sometimes people can value self-gratification more than actual relationships and this causes extramarital affairs.

According to Dr. Deepali Batra , a Clinical Psychologist and Relationship Therapist, when a couple loses physical or emotional connection, they lose interest in each other and become attracted to others. When a partner loses interest in the person they are with, they are more likely to seek someone else.

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‘Two of the very important reasons behind a partner seeking love outside marriage are the lack of physical and emotional connection. If both the partners have not had any physical relationship for a long time, then that is one big factor behind a marriage falling apart. Lack of emotional connection with each other may lead a spouse to begin something new, break the monotony and find that emotional support. If your partner is occupied all the time managing the house and children, an isolated spouse could show an inclination towards having an extra-marital affair’, says Dr. Deepali Batra.

Two of the most important reasons for having an extramarital affair are the loss of sexual and emotional connection between the partners. Prolonged absence of sexual contact also leads to the breakdown of marriages. Without an emotional connection, you may feel very lonely and try to find someone else for emotional support.

If your partner always stays at home and takes care of the household and children, you are more likely to feel isolated. Such people are likely to turn to an extramarital relationship.

Many marriages end due to a variety of reasons ranging from petty arguments to major stress. Social media also plays a big role in increasing extramarital affairs.



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