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Advanced features on the new Vande Bharat trains will improve the travelling experience.

An entirely new version of the Vande Bharat high-speed train with far more modern amenities is shortly to be introduced, according to the Indian Railways. Passengers will have the nicest and most modern amenities on Vande Bharat 2.

More advanced and upgraded capabilities like 0 to 100 Kmph acceleration in just 52 seconds, a top speed of 180 Kmph, a lighter weight of 392 tonnes rather than 430 tonnes, and WI-FI content on demand will be included in the Vande Bharat 2 vehicle.

Additionally, the new Vande Bharat will sport 32-inch LCD TVs, up from the previous model’s 24 inch size. Travel will be more comfortable thanks to ACs that are 15% more energy efficient and traction motor cooling that uses clean, dust-free air.

The new train would reach a speed of 160 kmph in 130 seconds, while the older version did so in 146 seconds.

All classes will now have access to the side recliner seat feature that is currently only offered to Executive Class passengers.

A photo-catalytic ultra violet air filtration technology is incorporated in the roof-mounted Roof Mounted Package Unit (RMPU) in the new Vande Bharat Express design to purify the air.

There will be more amenities for passenger comfort on the new train. It will feature a three-hour battery backup. The ride index, which measures the comfort of the ride, has been raised to 3.2.


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