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‘Birth of first child’ leads to shrinkage in father’s brain; Reveals study!

For a couple, becoming parents is a blessing and a joyful experience. However, giving birth to a child is a months-long procedure that requires significant work on the part of both the mother and father. The physical impact of delivery on the mother has been extensively researched. However, recent research indicates that delivery has a physical impact on dads as well.

MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) data from 40 heterosexual first-time fathers were analyzed in recent research. Half of these soldiers were from Spain, while the other half were from the United States. The Spanish males underwent brain scans before their women became pregnant and again a few months after their child was born. These scans were performed on American males at the mid-to-late stages of their spouses’ pregnancies.

The birth of their first kid was discovered to trigger a percentage or two of brain shrinkage. The shrinkage occurred mostly in the brain region known as the ‘default mode network.’ This region is connected to parental acceptance and kindness. Although brain shrinkage may appear frightening at first, the study discovered that it has no influence on cognitive ability. Indeed, the changes in the brain prepare the guy for parenting.


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