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Elon Musk joins the ‘anal beads’ chess championship conspiracy theory!

Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla, has fostered a bizarre conspiracy theory following accusations that top chess player Hans Niemann, 19, maybe cheating to win his matches. According to reports, Musk rushed to Twitter to speculate that Niemann was employing ‘anal beads’ to fool the system and evade detection by tournament organisers.

Musk shared a video of a content maker stating that Hans was using anal pearls. ‘ Currently fascinated with the concept that Hans Niemann has been cheating at the Sinquefield Cup chess competition using wireless anal beads that vibrate him the proper moves,’ the designer tweeted. According to reports, Musk turned to Twitter to speculate that Niemann may be employing ‘anal beads’ to circumvent the system and evade detection by tournament organisers.

Musk has already removed his tweet, but the archived version and images are still making the rounds on the internet. It is worth noting that Niemann stunned the chess world earlier this week when he defeated five-time world champion Magnus Carlsen in the $500,000 Sinquefield Cup, an annual chess tournament hosted in Saint Louis. Carlsen later dropped out of the event, adding fuel to the flames. While Carlsen did not give a reason for his withdrawal, most fans assumed it was because of Niemann.

The Norwegian also tweeted a criticism using a meme template of football manager Jose Mourinho, stating, ‘I’m in serious danger if I say anything. Difficulty, trouble, trouble’.  After the dispute erupted, Niemann, who is also a Grandmaster, declared that he would strip nude to prove his innocence. ‘If they want me to strip completely naked, I will. I don’t mind. Because I am certain that I am clean. I don’t mind playing in a confined box with no electronic transmission’.

The 19-year-old admitted to cheating once as a youngster by utilizing computer aid when playing online, but he did not use improper tactics during the competition. It is worth noting that chess players in large events like the Sinquefield Cup must go through numerous rounds of screening before being assigned to a table and chair. Furthermore, the tournament’s anti-cheating system includes a 15-minute delay in the broadcast of movements as well as radio-frequency identification checks.

Carlsen’s form has been fragile in recent months. He was defeated by R Praggnanandhaa, a young Indian Grandmaster. Meanwhile, Musk is well-known for tweeting outlandish things purely for laughs. As a result, some netizens feel that the conspiracy theories flying about the anal beads lack foundation.



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