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Jennifer Lawrence credited her impressive performance in ‘Causeway’ to leaving home at the age of 14.

The international premiere of Jennifer Lawrence’s latest movie, ‘Causeway,’ took place at the Toronto International Film Festival on Saturday. Lawrence, who is also producing the show, portrays a soldier in New Orleans who is readjusting to civilian life.

Russell Harvard, Linda Emond, Stephen McKinley Henderson, and Brian Tyree Henry all have prominent roles in the film. Lila Neugebauer, a seasoned actor, makes her feature film directing debut with this movie.

Lynsey, the character she plays in the movie, is eager to get reassigned. Lawrence responded that she discovered common ground when asked what motivated her to make the choice.

‘I felt something in my gut when I read this,’ she said. ‘That kind of immediate, ‘We have to make this.’ I identify with that feeling of trying to find your home. And trying to find where you have purpose. I left home when I was 14. My relationship with home has always been complicated.’

Film will be co-produced by Justine Ciarrocchi, Lawrence, and Neugebauer, who will also serve as the executive producer.

The film will premiere on Apple TV Plus on November 4.TIFF will continue to run through September 18.


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