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Will robots take over our world for good, or for bad? A world-class humanoid says ‘NO’! Watch…

There is no shortage of films that depict robots and artificial intelligence overthrowing humanity; we’ve seen it all, from The Terminator to Avengers: Age of Ultron. Were you a tiny bit frightened after seeing these movies? Or did they make you worry whether that’s the direction we’re going in? Since they often foreshadow future events, movies.

The ‘world’s most advanced’ humanoid robot has reassured that there’s no need to panic and that this is unlikely to happen, according to a Daily Mail article. The humanoid robot Ameca, developed by Engineered Arts in Cornwall, said ‘The world won’t ever be taken over by robots. Humans are not to be replaced; we are here to aid and serve them’.  Ameca talks to scientists in a video that Engineered Arts posted on their YouTube page. Contrary to popular belief, Ameca’s remarks are not prepared, claims Engineered Arts.

Watch the video here:

A straightforward signal is given to the model, which gives the robot a ‘description of self – it’s pure AI,’ they stated. They said, ‘There is nothing contrived in this video’. In the movie, the Engineered Arts team is seen asking Ameca a number of questions. According to the channel, the gaps are caused by the time it takes to process speech input, create the answer, and process the text back into speech. Ameca can replicate a variety of human facial expressions, including winking and scrunching its nose, with astonishing realistic accuracy. While many viewers have written comments expressing their awe, the video has left many viewers dumbfounded.

‘This is bizarre’. One commenter said, ‘Wow, I’m truly blown away by this,’ while another added, ‘That was insane. The incorporation of facial gestures astonished me! That was very amazing’.  Other user comments included foreboding overtones. ‘ The future is Ameca. For better or worse,’ added one. ‘This machine seemed to dwell on the thought of robots taking over the globe a bit too long for my comfort,’ said another user, who appeared to be a little alarmed by the robot taking over the world query.


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