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West Virginia approves an almost complete abortion ban.

On Tuesday, September 13, lawmakers in West Virginia, USA, approved a broad abortion prohibition. Even the earliest stages of pregnancy are prohibited by the bill for abortion.

There are only a few exceptions made in rape, incest, and situations when the mother’s health is in danger.

After receiving approval from the legislature, the bill will now be sent to Governor Jim Justice for his signature.

Following the recent US Supreme Court decision to overturn Roe v. Wade, this is the second abortion restriction that a state has passed.

The law approved by the parliamentarians is anticipated to be signed by Governor Jim Justice. As disagreements about the degree of rigour of abortion prohibitions start to surface within the Republican Party, the measure has been passed. This may become an important political issue as mid-term elections approach. Result of these elections will decide who controls US Congress.

The Republican Party, a predominantly conservative political movement in the US, has long pushed for restrictions on abortion availability. However, the failure of an abortion-related ballot measure in the staunchly conservative state of Kansas has caused some Republicans to retreat from the subject out of concern for offending female voters.

American women now have constitutionally protected access to abortion thanks to the historic Roe v. Wade ruling. However, the ruling was overturned by the US Supreme Court’s conservative majority in June of this year.

Since then, a number of US states have taken action to severely restrict or outright prohibit access to abortion.


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