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EBay sells wristbands that let you watch Queen’s coffin for £400; Read on…

Worn bracelets by mourners who were compelled to attend Queen Elizabeth II’s lying-in-state are now being sold for as much as $400, turning a difficult time into an economic opportunity. The aforementioned bracelets are reportedly being sold on eBay by over a dozen different persons.

The orange wristband was listed by a vendor on eBay with the statement that it had ‘never been worn’.  Another person published an image of an orange wristband with the comment, ‘Previously used or worn orange wristband from the first 24 hours of the Queen laying-in-state in Westminster Hall,’ along with a green-cloured bracelet.

The officials have given out the various coloured wristbands so that people can go for water, food, and the bathroom and then return to their location without making a scene. The long line to see the Queen is over eight kilometres long, with an average wait time of 14 to 15 hours. In the collector’s market, these mementos from historic events like Queen’s passing might bring in a sizable sum.

The sellers are aware of this and trying to take advantage of the circumstances. It is important to remember that the Queen Elizabeth II’s casket has been on display at Westminster Hall since Wednesday for mourners to pay their respects. She will remain there until Monday morning, when she will be interred at the Windsor Chapel.

Celebrities line up to pay their respects
According to WION, not only the general population but also celebrities are lining up to pay tribute to the Queen. In order to see Queen Elizabeth II on Friday, David Beckham, a former captain of the England football team, stood in line for more than 13 hours with tens of thousands of his countrymen.

Beckham said on television that he grew up to be a huge fan of the royal family and that he felt compelled to visit the Queen before her last resting place. ‘I anticipated that it would be somewhat quieter if I arrived at two in the morning. My mistake was. That was everyone’s thought process. Every age group is represented here. 84-year-old woman was present’, Beckham stated.


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