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YouTube in a test exposed some users to upto 10 unskippable commercials.

YouTube, the video sharing and streaming platform, has irked users with its recently concluded test that showed users up to 10 unskippable ads in one break.

According to reports, the business took this action to encourage more users to pay for the ad-free ‘Youtube Premium’ programme rather than choose the free, standard version of the app.

The website was currently testing a feature that would display visitors up to five ads that they couldn’t skip before a video started. Although YouTube claims that these advertisements will be bumpers, which are typically around 6 seconds long, viewers have reported seeing advertisements that last longer than 10 seconds.

On the streaming app, advertisements often run before videos begin as well as during them if the producer chooses to do so. While shorter ads that last a few seconds are typically unskippable, lengthier ads are typically skippable after a few seconds.

Users have noted that unskippable advertising have gotten longer over the past few weeks and that there are now significantly more and longer adverts overall on the platform.

According to reports, not all YouTube viewers or even all videos are experiencing this, but lately, longer gaps have reportedly grown more typical.

The phenomenon made headlines when several users took Twitter and Reddit to voice their concerns about the uptick in the number and duration of advertisements on the streaming platform.


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