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‘Disrespectful’ Prince Harry, Queen’s love: Heartwarming, controversial moments of royal funeral!

Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral was a sombre occasion. She was the longest-reigning queen in British history. The 10 days of the royal wake were filled with both touching and contentious events. A couple more of these ‘moments’ have already surfaced, one day after the Queen was brought to her final resting place. Let’s look at what was reported in the media:

A funeral video has gone viral online. At his grandmother’s funeral, Prince Harry is supposedly spotted there not performing the national song of the United Kingdom. His acts have been described as ‘disrespectful’.  While the prince is receiving criticism from many, others have stepped forward to help. Some have noted that the phrase has changed from ‘God save the Queen’ to ‘King,’ and it’s possible that he simply needs some time to get used to the new terms. Others noted that he is indeed moving his lips, but that ‘He’s certainly not singing like he’s at karaoke’.

Queen’s crush:
The queen reportedly had a slight crush on BBC weatherman Tomasz Schafernaker, and even in her last days, she made it a point to watch weather predictions on television. ‘ The reason? She had unanticipatedly grown fond of BBC weatherman Tomasz Schafernaker ‘, said a September 8 report.

A close friend explains, ‘It was kind of like a crush; she always wanted to watch the predictions when he was on.  She found it amusing to hear the cadences when his name was spoken, but she also enjoyed watching him’, the article clarified. Tomasz then reposted the item on Twitter and added, ‘I’m extremely grateful to have been acknowledged in this way. quite warm-hearted’.

The late queen’s unseen photos
The Royal Family posted a moving image of the late monarch strolling over the hills, surrounded by flowers and flora, just after her moving burial service. May flights of angels serenade thee to thy slumber, said the caption that accompanied the eerily beautiful picture.

 Australian TV host slept off on camera:
Australia’s Network Nine’s ‘The Today Show’ host Allison Langdon passed out on camera. The TV presenter ultimately fell asleep using a rolled-up jacket as a cushion after spending a 14-hour shift covering the funeral while in London. A photo of it was uploaded on Instagram by The Today Show producer Will Hutchinson. Langdon reposted it on her Instagram Story with the humorous caption: ‘Hour 14. Everything is in fine’.


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