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Russia violated the UN Charter in Ukraine ‘shamelessly’; US President Biden

On Wednesday, President Joe Biden called on all nations to stand firm in support of the Ukrainian opposition at the United Nations, saying that Russia had ‘shamelessly violated the essential precepts’ of the organisation. According to Biden, hearing of Russian abuses of civilians ‘should make your blood run cold’. He urges all countries to steadfastly support the Ukrainian struggle.

President Joe Biden addressed the ongoing conflict in Ukraine, pledging $2.9 billion in global food security aid to address shortages caused by the war and the effects of climate change. He was also expected to press nations to meet an $18 billion target to replenish the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria.

Russian-controlled regions of eastern and southern Ukraine plan referendums on joining Russia. One of Russia’s deputy U.N. ambassadors was sitting in Russia’s seat during Biden’s speech. Russian President Putin announced a partial mobilization to call up 300,000 reservists. He accused the West of engaging in ‘nuclear blackmail’. President Joe Biden announces $2.9 billion in emergency and long-term food security assistance. The money will help ‘protect the world’s most vulnerable populations from the escalating global food security crisis,’ the White House says. Most of the money will go to projects to boost the efficiency and resilience of the global food supply.

His successor, Donald Trump, has promised a return of U.S. leadership to international institutions following Donald Trump’s ‘America First’ foreign policy. Time is running short to revive the Iran nuclear deal and over China’s saber-rattling on Taiwan. However, Russia’s economic sanctions are having a terrible negative impact on most of Europe. A drop in Russian oil and gas production has caused energy costs to soar, inflation to soar and a rising risk that Europe will enter recession.

President Joe Biden is in New York for this year’s U.N. General Assembly. His visit comes as efforts to revive the Iran nuclear deal appear stalled. The 2015 agreement was scrapped by President Donald Trump in 2018. This year’s gathering is back to being an in-person event after two years of prerecorded speeches.

He added that the U.S. would ‘oppose unilateral changes in the status quo by either side’ of the Taiwan Strait. He cites concerns about possible ‘crimes against humanity’ in China’s western region. He also criticizes the military junta in Myanmar and the Taliban controlling Afghanistan. Joe Biden says the United States will always promote human rights and the values of the United Nations. He also highlighted his administration’s new investments in addressing climate change. Biden: ‘None too soon — we don’t have much time’ to meet our environmental commitments.


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