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Viral Wedding Photography: Kerala bride walks on road full of potholes

Every effort is made to acquire the ideal shot when it comes to weddings since a picture is all about preserving the memories you will love forever.

Photoshoots are enjoyable in every way, from travelling to a lovely location for the pre-wedding sessions to capturing the moments wherever the photographer wants you to pose. However, the goal of the video that is going popular on social media is not just to obtain the ideal click, but also to draw attention to the problem of potholes in the neighbourhood.

A bride and a photographer are featured in the trending video that is going popular on social media. The bride is shown in the video walking on a pothole-filled road while wearing a red saree and jewellery.

Several passing automobiles can be seen straining to prevent themselves from toppling as the bride walks gracefully around a big pothole filled with filthy water. Then the camera moves and focuses on the photographer who has positioned a distance away and takes shots of the bride. The bride is smiling as she moves in front of the camera.

An Instagram account with the moniker Arrow wedding company posted the video with the caption ‘Bridal photoshoot in the middle of the road’. The video which was shared on September 11, 2022, has received 37,0400 likes and 4.3 million views.

Click here to view the video 

While some netizens made light of Kerala’s poor road conditions, the internet as a whole seemed to be quite impressed by the bride’s inventiveness and her. A user commented, ‘Not on the road but in the pond’. Another wrote, ‘Nice road’. A third user questioned, ‘Is that a road? If you buy some baby fishes, you can start fish farming’. A fourth user wrote, ‘In the middle of the garden’.

The National Highway Authority of India (NHAI) was earlier ordered by the Kerala High Court to take urgent action to repair every road under its supervision on August 9, 2022. The Court observed, ‘the gravity of the situation in Kerala is now for all to see. We do not react until we are the victim or someone we know faces such a situation. It is always as if accidents only happen to others and not to ourselves. But this is a myth, as anybody with reasonable sense would reckon’.


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