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A 40-study analysis finds ‘forever chemicals’ in umbilical cord blood!

Researchers have discovered ‘forever chemicals’ in every umbilical cord blood sample across 40 investigations, according to a recent analysis of scientific literature from around the world. Scientists examined almost 30,000 samples to see whether foetal PFAS exposure is related to health issues in unborn children. You are already exposed to PFAS even before you are born, according to Uloma Uche, an environmental health research fellow at the Environmental Working Group who examined the data from the peer-reviewed studies.

Polyfluoroalkyl compounds, sometimes known as ‘forever chemicals,’ are a family of around 12,000 chemicals frequently employed to make goods resistant to heat and water. Scientists have connected several types of PFAS to deadly illnesses, ultimately concluding that no degree of exposure to them in water is safe. Over 200 million individuals in the US are thought to have their drinking water contaminated by PFAS, which are present in non-vegetarian cuisine at worrying levels. PFAS in goods can be absorbed via the skin when they separate from the items and travel through the air.

Pregnant women are additionally at risk due to the presence of these chemicals, which function as PFAS’s initial point of contact before they are transferred from the uterus to the developing baby through the umbilical cord. The discoveries are especially concerning since they can be transferred from a woman to her infant because the cord serves as a lifeline between mother and baby. Studies have connected prenatal exposure to greater total cholesterol and triglycerides in newborns via altering the bile acids in their systems.



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