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Are you working yourself to death? There’s nothing better than this ‘coffin chair’

People who spend a lot of time at their computers are the target market for the ‘last shift office chair,’ a range of coffin-shaped office chairs designed by a UK-based designer. The chair’s design was influenced by coffin designs and is built to resemble a coffin. A research revealed that spending six to eight hours a day sitting increased the danger of dying, the Chairbox designer stated, but one wonders how it may function with lumbar support.

By nature, humans were not created to sit still for eight hours each day. The Chairbox website states that our bodies haven’t fully adapted to the behaviour change. Even then, exercising is not enough. In the UK, companies are also required by law to provide standing desk options in the workplace. Even while there is awareness, it is not enough.

However he went on to say, ‘The whole grind culture is simply awful, it feels to me like voluntary servitude,’ as he discussed spreading the notion of ‘grind culture’. ‘This is how life is supposed to be, but we’ve been duped into believing it. When the moment is right, they nail the lid on those coffins and roll us to the corporate cemetery, where we sit and provide value for the stakeholders ‘,he said.

When asked where the idea first came from, Chairbox told Designboom that it occurred to him as he was seated on the couch in his friend’s living room with his legs raised off the ground. He humorously remarked: ‘I worried that if I pass away in this position, they could have to bury me in that manner. Placing me in a casket would be so awkward. In this situation, they would undoubtedly require a unique coffin. We both chuckled when I told my buddy about it, but after a few weeks, I thought about it again and gave it some more thought. I created a 3D model in CAD software later, rendered it, and placed it online’, he added.


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