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Classroom shortage; Jamia students take lectures in parks

Students in the Masters in Mass Media (Hindi) program at Jamia Millia Islamia University claim that a month after beginning the program, they are still unable to access a formal classroom and are instead required to study in a park. Some of them are even turning to accepting admittance elsewhere at this point.

A student who wished to remain anonymous said, ‘I had really high expectations from this course, but I was disappointed.’ ‘Instead of taking this course, I elected to enroll in a new college in a different state. The student continued, ‘I made the proper choice because I envisioned a dark future in this course. The problems started straight at the beginning of the session when the sessions started a month late. Additionally, we did not receive the fundamental amenities that the institution had promised when physical classes began. Despite paying a hefty charge, we were forced to study in an open park close to gate No. 8 of the university,’ he claimed.

Like the last student, another remarked on the condition of anonymity that she has started skipping classes despite not wanting to do so because she cannot study in the park. ‘I used to show up to every class at the start of the semester. However, the current weather and mosquito threat prevent me from concentrating on what is being taught.’ She also complained about the faculty, claiming that there are just a few professors that can teach two subjects apiece.

According to the students, the program costs Rs 1.30 lakh (?1.33 lakh) in total, which is more than even more popular courses like the university’s Masters in Mass Communication. However, the amenities they receive are significantly subpar. Prof. Ahmad Azeem of the institute responded to the accusations by stating that ‘Only one class took place outside due to some miscommunication surrounding the timetable and no unoccupied classroom was available at that time.’ He went on to emphasize that even though it could take some time, the problem is being addressed, and the students would soon be rid of it.


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