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EU asks UN to publish report on Ukraine’s infrastructure damage

The European Union sought disclosure of an assessment on the damage done to Ukraine’s communications infrastructure since Russia’s invasion seven months earlier in a letter to the UN on Friday.

The International Telecommunications Union of the UN issued a resolution in April committing support for the telecom sector’s restoration in the war-torn country of Ukraine.

Taking ‘out an evaluation on the impact of the situation in Ukraine to ITU plans and activities in the region, and delivering a report thereon’ was another choice made in the text.

A few months later, in July, the ITU announced on an update to its website that its ‘evaluation report’ will be available ‘soon.’ However, despite signs that the report was prepared, the EU bemoaned Friday that it had ‘not been made public.’

The statement also noted that ‘worsening mobile broadband access loss is observed in at least 1,297 areas of Ukraine.’

Additionally, it was reported that 20 television stations were damaged or destroyed entirely, and that more than 50 towns were without access to radio or terrestrial television because of damage or a shortage of energy.

It stated that the first four months of the war had seen a total of 796 cyberattacks against Ukraine.

In a letter to the ITU, the EU emphasised the significance of publishing the study. According to the EU, 46 nations from all regions co-sponsored the resolution calling for a thorough assessment on the situation.

The European Union sent a letter to the United Nations on Friday demanding it publish a report on damage to telecommunication infrastructure in Ukraine since Russia’s invasion seven months ago.


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