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Odisha mother gives birth on the road and carries her infant for two kilometres.

Late on Wednesday night in Koraput’s Dasmantpur block, a tribal lady gave birth next to a road and then walked nearly two kilometres with the infant to the ambulance.


Swati Muduli, a 28-year-old resident of Dasmantpur block’s Tunkhal hamlet, was named as the victim. According to sources, Swati complained of labour pains during the night and her family members notified the nearby ASHA. The medical professional called the Janani Express ambulance service right away to transport the expectant mother to the Dasmantpur community health centre (CHC).


Near Dharmagada village, the ambulance reportedly became bogged in the mud on the way. As the ambulance was unable to move forward due to a non-motorable road, the personnel advised the ASHA to bring Swati to the location where they were trapped.


In order to go to the ambulance, Swati, her family, and the ASHA started walking in the direction of Dharmagada village. Midway through, the expectant mother’s body gave up from the anguish and she gave birth to a girl by the side of the road. Swati had to walk another two kilometres with the infant while using a cellphone torch after waiting there for a while in order to get to the ambulance.


She was taken directly from the ambulance to Dasmantpur CHC for additional care. According to sources, the mother and child both are in stable conditions.


Interestingly, while being only 12 kilometres from Dasmantpur, Tunkhal village lacks a direct road to the block headquarters. The road is motorable for six kilometres of its twelve; the remaining distance is unpaved. Following days of nonstop rain, this 6 kilometre section is now covered in mud and potholes. According to sources, 60% of the settlements in the block are either inaccessible or located on hilly terrain. In Dasmantpur, there are 121 villages.


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