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British Prime Minister Truss urges allies to be resolute on Ukraine

When it comes to Ukraine, allies should remain steadfast and disregard Russian President Vladimir Putin’s ‘sabre-rattling,’ according to British Prime Minister Liz Truss, who is trying to rebuild relations with democratic states in the face of growing threats from all directions.


On her first international trip as prime minister, Truss visited New York last week and met with French President Emmanuel Macron and American Vice President Joe Biden. She urged other democratic nations to stand firm against ‘autocratic regimes.’


Putin mentioned the risk of a nuclear conflict last week and ordered a partial mobilisation of soldiers. According to Truss, Putin was stepping up his assault of Ukraine because he wasn’t succeeding and had made a tactical error.


In an interview that aired on CNN on Sunday, Truss said, ‘I think he didn’t foresee the degree of reaction from the free world.’


‘He shouldn’t be making empty threats and rattling sabres in our ears. Instead, we must keep imposing sanctions on Russia and supporting the Ukrainian people.’


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