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Lilium plans to produce 400 air taxis annually, seeks funding

According to Lilium Air Mobility’s new CEO, the German company wants to set up industrial capacity to produce 400 of its electrically powered Lilium Jet flying shuttles annually while utilising programmes that fund public research.


In a crowded market for electric vertical take-off and landing (eVTOL) vehicles, Lilium is competing in the hope of dislodging aeroplanes or helicopters for short flights or road trips.


However, the new industry has been hampered by the difficulties in obtaining certification and funding breakthroughs like new battery technology. Shares of Lilium have decreased 73% so far this year.


‘I’m making a lot of effort to get a 400 aircraft production system. And if by chance we need 800 one day, we will just duplicate it somewhere elseā€”not here (in Germany), but instead where the major markets are,’ Klaus Roewe, a former executive of Airbus, stated.


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