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Four women from the UK picked to run the world’s remotest and coldest post office in Antarctica.

The Goudier Island post office in Port Lockroy, Antarctica, will be administered by four British women: Mairi Hilton, Lucy Bruzzone, Clare Ballantyne, and Natalie Corbett.

This is the world’s most isolated and frigid post office. This was in response to a job alert sent earlier this year by a British organisation.

In order to manage its Port Lockroy station and spend 5 months in Antarctica, the UK Antarctic Heritage Trust began seeking for a crew. The chosen team will reportedly be in charge of counting penguins, even though there won’t be any running water available.

The location would be open to the public for the first time since the Covid-19 outbreak, but it is visited by at least 18,000 people every year between November and March, when it is Antarctic summer.  The charity also indicated that they received about a hundred applications each year.

A team of four ladies, one a bride who is looking forward to her ‘solo honeymoon’ and would leave her husband behind for this journey, were apparently chosen from 6,000 applicants this year.

According to the Guardian, the team will count penguins in nearly constant daylight, dwell in subzero temperatures, sleep in bunk beds without electricity or running water, but they are actually looking forward to it.


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