Using these sex positions will increase fun

Sex is an important aspect of life and without sex life will be so boring. But what will you do if sex becomes boring. To avoid a sense of boring in sexual relation and to increase fun here are some best sexual potions.

1. Standing up position: Standing up position is not a new position in the case of sex. Ask your partner to lift you in your lap and wrap your legs around his body. To do this, the partner will need a lot of strength.

2. Side Cowgirl Position: In this position, ask the partner to lie on his back. Now sit facing them on the side and enjoy them.

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3. Cm 69 position: This cm 69 has some new twist. Let both partners face the other side and lie down on the side wedge. Now give each other oral sex in this position.

4. Legs on the shoulder: In this position , the female partner has to put her feet on the shoulder of the male partner during the entire act.

5.Edge of the Bed: To try this sex position, the female partner should lie down on the edge of the bed while the mail partner stands and enter.


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