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Follow these tips to perform for long in bed

Most men are very excited and ready for sex. But during sexual intercourse, their partners become  unsatisfied  as most men perform poor in bed. Longer sessions in bed will make your sex life more beautiful.

Follow these tips to perform longer in bed:

Practice expansion, contraction of pubococcygeal (PC) muscles: It is important to have a control on your penis. For this one should  control their urine and then let it flow. This exercise gives you control on your PC muscles. And this will  result in heightened ejaculatory control. You will be able to last longer.

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Switch Positions: Instead of going for just one or two positions, try new ones every now and then.

Edging: Edging means delaying your orgasm while masturbating. This is said to be one of the best ways of training to last longer in bed. It helps control or avoid premature ejaculation as well.

Right Condom: Premature ejaculation can be avoided if you use the right condom. Try using condoms with extra thick rubbers as they act like slip-on desensitizers and help in lasting longer.


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