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Dawood Ibrahim’s aides are facing ‘new extortion charges’!

Salim Fruit, Arif Shaikh, and Jayesh Shah, who are all relatives of Chota Shakeel, are the targets of a new extortion case filed by the Mumbai Police for demanding money under Chota Shakeel’s name. Dawood Ibrahim, a wanted mobster, is also the subject of a previous case against these individuals. Mumbai Crime Branch will continue to look into the matter after it was reported to the Dongri police station in south Mumbai. An antique trader and builder named Sohail Arbiwala filed a complaint, which served as the basis for the lawsuit.

The suit states that in 2012, Meenabai Raut, Brahmini Patil, and others sold Sohail Arbiwala a five-acre land in the area of Mira Road for Rs 4 crore. Arbiwala discovered that Jayesh Shah had previously conducted some business on the property with the owners of the site when he sought to register the land. When Arbiwala attempted to get in touch with Jayesh Shah, Shakeel threatened him and said the matter will be resolved by Shakeel.

Arif Shaikh, also known as Arif Bhaijaan, met with Sohail Arbiwala in 2018 to address the situation together with an estate agent named Shyam Ojha. At this meeting, Bhaijaan wanted 50,000 square feet of property for Jayesh Shah and Rs 5 crore from Arbiwala. Using Chota Shakeel’s name as a threat, he also intimidated Arbiwala. As a result, Arbiwala requested some time to reflect and departed. Arbiwala declined to accept Bhaijaan’s conditions when he later got in touch with him. Only gunfire would make Abriwala realise now, it was said. A new FIR was filed based on Arbiwala’s testimony, which the police had taped.

The National Investigation Agency, or NIA, had previously detained Bhaijaan and Salim Fruit in connection with a case brought by the Unlawful Activities Prevention Act against the Dawood Ibrahims gang. Salim Fruit was later arrested by the Mumbai Crime Branch’s Anti-Extortion Cell in connection with more extortion cases, and he is still in their jail today. Arif Bhaijaans’ custody would now be sought by Mumbai Police due to this new case. Meanwhile, the Mumbai Police’s aggressive campaign against the Dawood Ibrahims Gang has resulted in the Tuesday arrest of five of the gang’s lieutenants.



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