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‘Money, greed, and gruesome murders’: Kerala ‘human sacrifice’ case exposes chilling details!

Human sacrifice is a subject that is frequently the subject of movies and fictitious literature, but on Tuesday, three persons were detained in Kerala’s Pathanamthitta district on suspicion of kidnapping, beheading, and then burying two women as part of a rite to bring about financial prosperity. The couple, Bhagaval Singh and wife Laila, killed Roslin and Padma, who were from different sections of the Ernakulam district, according to the police. They allegedly did it to stop their financial struggles and become wealthy.

The police claimed that the couple’s residence in Elanthoor village, Pathanamthitta, was where the chopped body parts of Roslin and Padma were exhumed. Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan expressed amazement over the occurrence as the pair was being brought into prison and claimed that only those with a diseased brain could conduct such atrocities. Rituals involving black magic and witchcraft can only be viewed as a threat to civilised civilization.

According to the Communist Party of India (Marxist(CPI(M)) )’s youth organisation, DYFI, such an incidence is a shame to Kerala, which is a national model in terms of several social, cultural, and literacy criteria. The horrific killings and how the massacre was planned over several months are detailed here.

The accused’s murderous plot
Mohammed Shafi, also known as Rasheed, is the principal perpetrator of the killings, according to the authorities. He laid the trap by creating a fictitious Sreedevi Facebook account and adding Bhagaval Singh as a friend. According to the police, Bhagaval Singh and his wife Laila were village doctors who also operated an Ayurvedic massage therapy clinic. Bhagaval was well-known on Facebook for posting haikus and was perceived by some as a fan of the CPI(M), sharing sometimes posters and posts endorsing the philosophy.

We have known these individuals for years, said Mathew, who lived near to the couple. ‘They resided in the 13th ward of the village of Elanthoor. When Singh’s father passed away, he took over the practise and has been doing it with his wife for years. Singh’s father was a well-known massage therapist. According to investigations, Shafi persuaded the couple that human sacrifice might make them wealthy and prosperous by posing as Sreedevi. He assured her that he would bring a woman who could be sacrificed.

Tracking down their victims
After convincing Bhagaval and Laila to partake in the sacrifice, Shafi started looking for possible victims. Shafi located his first victim in June. Roslin, a 49-year-old lottery ticket seller from Kalady, went missing in June and was found dead 24 hours later, according to Kochi Police Commissioner C Nagaraju. She was brutally killed at the couple’s home after Shafi had given her Rs 10 lakh to take part in a film shoot and taken her to Elanthoor. Roslin’s daughter reported her missing in August after speaking to her mother for the last time on June 6.

The investigation into her disappearance by the police turned up no clues, nevertheless. Shafi encouraged them to make another sacrifice when the couple questioned him about why they weren’t seeing enough ‘results’. After that, Shafi seduced the couple with the prospect of financial gain by luring Padma, an Elamkulam resident who sold lottery tickets.

How the crimes were exposed;
According to police, Padma’s sister Palaniyamma’s missing person report was what ultimately led to the discovery of the entire heinous murder. The final signals from her phone, which police were able to monitor, indicated the Elanthoor region and directed them to Shafi. Shafi broke down and confessed to abducting the two women when he was questioned.

‘During our inquiry into the disappearance of the woman from Kadavanthara (Ernakulam), we learned that she had been murdered in the home of that couple in Thiruvalla and that her corpse had been dismembered there before being buried’. Nagaraju Chakilam, the chief of the Kochi City Police, described it as a ceremonial sacrifice of a human being for the couple’s financial gain. Bhagaval Singh and his wife admitted to ‘sacrificing’ another woman in the same home in June after being questioned. Police identified the woman as Roslin.

‘This case has several facets. Now that we know, the couple’s financial gain was the motivation for the human sacrifice. Additionally, we learned that the intermediary had been compensated’. The police chief added, ‘We need more time to fully investigate the matter, and we are also looking into if other persons were involved in the murder. The police chief continued, saying they were also looking into whether Shafi had committed similar crimes elsewhere. It appears that the couple’s case has no more victims. However, we must ascertain whether Shafi has done similar acts’, according to Nagaraju.


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