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Saudi Arabia: Women Hajj pilgrims can go to Hajj without a male guardian

A woman pilgrim no longer needs to be accompanied by a male guardian or ‘mahram’ to perform Hajj or Umrah in Saudi Arabia.  This announcement was made by Saudi Arabia’s Minister of Hajj and Umrah Tawfiq bin Fawzan Al-Rabiah that women travelling to the country can now do the pilgrimage without a mahram.

The minister’s comments during a press conference held at the kingdom’s embassy in Cairo brought an end to the controversy about whether a mahram is required to accompany a woman or not. He said there is no quota or ceiling for Umrah visas for Muslims all across the world. He said that Muslims coming to the kingdom with any visas will be allowed to perform Umrah.

Al-Rabiah also stated that the Great Mosque in Mecca’s expansion has already cost close to 200 billion Saudi Riyals, or more than $53 billion. The largest and most costly expansion in history is this one. The minister said that in order to make the Hajj accessible to everyone, the government is seeking to lower the cost of doing it. According to author Faten Ibrahim Hussein, a former advisor to the Minister of Hajj, the amenities are offered in order to realise Saudi Arabia’s 2030 goal.

She continued by saying that all modes of transportation and amenities have improved tourist convenience while increasing security in the kingdom. She stated: ‘Due to the protection we have, many women who come to the Kingdom to work without a mahram do not experience any major issues. There is no longer any reason to be afraid of women entering without a mahram ‘,according to Arab News.


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