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A change of pace; ‘New role’ for Suresh Gopi in BJP’s Kerala campaign

Thiruvananthapuram: BJP is urgently striving to win over Kerala in the next Lok Sabha elections at whatever cost. The BJP intends to intensify the campaign by bringing Modi himself and fielding central ministries. With the intention of producing enormous achievements, the leadership has now incorporated actor and former MP Suresh Gopi into the party’s core committee. It is significant that the leadership’s action resulted from going above and beyond expectations.

The BJP argued that conditions were advantageous for them in 5 seats in Kerala during the most recent Lok Sabha elections. However, when the results were revealed, the leadership was unable to even shift much in one place. The national leadership of the BJP, however, asserts that a coup will take place this time. The BJP has granted the Union Ministers particular responsibilities and added five seats on the ‘A Class’ list.

The leadership has also started talking about how to make booth committees stronger and recruit candidates. However, after accomplishing all of this, the national leadership is still unhappy with the state-level BJP leadership’s behaviour. The leadership thinks that the state’s inability to get the outcomes expected of them is to blame. Moreover, the leadership is also angry with the factionalism in the party.

This gave rise to hints that the national leadership could be willing to engage directly in Kerala’s organisational matters. Following this, the organization’s leadership has now been given to Suresh Gopi. The Core Committee often consists only of the President, Past Presidents, and General Secretaries. To overcome all of this, Suresh Gopi was appointed.

Suresh Gopi was deemed to be the only BJP politician in Kerala who had widespread support in a previous internal study by the party’s state leadership. As a result, there were suspicions that Suresh Gopi may be appointed party president instead of K Surendran, who was reportedly about to lose his position as party leader. There were rumours that the national leadership also backed down when Suresh Gopi himself informed the leadership that he was not interested in taking over the responsibilities of the organisation.

Suresh Gopi has previously said that he preferred to continue his work as a political activist rather than do organisational obligations. The latest appointment, however, is seen to be a part of the BJP’s ‘grand purpose’. According to rumours, Suresh Gopi’s appointment has dissatisfied certain individuals, including state president K Surendran.

With the new position, it is almost inevitable that Suresh Gopi would also run as the BJP’s candidate in the next Lok Sabha elections. Suresh Gopi could run for office in Thiruvananthapuram or Thrissur. The last election, the leadership used Suresh Gopi to encourage turnout in the Thrissur Lok Sabha constituency. However, a number of party officials have already voiced their desire to support Suresh Gopi in Thiruvananthapuram, where the party finished second the previous election. According to the leaders, they would travel to Thiruvananthapuram this time with the aid of Christian votes and Suresh Gopi’s star power.


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