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Infosys declares, ‘We Don’t Support Moonlighting, and Have Fired Many Violators In The Last 12 Months.’

The second-largest provider of IT services in India, Infosys, declared on October 13 that it opposed moonlighting and that it had terminated employees who had engaged in it within the previous 12 months. The precise number of employees who were ‘let go’ as a result of moonlighting was not disclosed by Infosys, though. According to the chairman of Wipro, Rishad Premji, 300 employees were let go in September because the IT services provider had no business with those who decided to work directly with competitors while still being paid by Wipro.

Moonlighting is the practise of working multiple jobs at once by taking on side employment.

Infosys CEO Salil Parekh said the company does not support the idea of dual employment during the Q2 earnings announcement on Thursday.

Parekh was reported by NDTV as saying, ‘We don’t condone multiple employment; if we find in the previous person doing flagrant job in two specific organisations where there is a confidentiality issue, we have let them go in the last 12 months.’

One of the organisations that has taken a stand against moonlighting is Infosys. Moonlighting is not permitted, and the company recently sent out a message to all of its employees informing them of this. It also cautioned them that any contract clauses violated will immediately result in disciplinary action, ‘which may even result in termination of employment.’

After Rishad Premji raised the issue, the issue of moonlighting became a major talking point. Premji raised the topic on his official Twitter account and stated: ‘There is a lot of discussion regarding people doing second jobs in the IT sector. This is straightforwardly cheating.’


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