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NASA set to launch new set of science research to the Space Station that could make life on Earth easier in the future

Nasa intends to fly the subsequent resupply trip to the International Space Station after the new crew has settled in and taken on their tasks in space for a few months (ISS).

On November 6, the Cygnus spacecraft, which will deliver fresh scientific data, will launch from Virginia’s Mid-Atlantic Regional Spaceport.

What kind of study is going into space?

NASA will open its BioFabrication Facility, which printed a substantial amount of human heart cells and a portion of a human knee meniscus successfully in 2019.

To see if microgravity enables the printing of tissue samples of higher quality than those printed on the ground, the technology is being re-flown to space with new capabilities.

‘The research being conducted with BFF has exciting implications for the future of human health. Besides providing a clear benefit to our lives on Earth, advancing this technology on the International Space Station now is a great way to prepare for work on the commercial space stations of the future, which could be outfitted with critical research technology such as BFF,’ John Vellinger of In-Space Manufacturing and Operations said.

The Space Station’s crew are also investigating how microgravity affects bovine cell cultures in an effort to advance fertility treatments here on Earth and get ready for potential human settlement in space.


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